Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tae kwon do

Today I went to the elementary school to watch Seth's tae kwon do demonstration. I met Jessica there and she had Levi. Levi was being held by some friends of ours. As a demonstration began the 60-ish kids began to yell in unison yes sir! 

Almost immediately the friends of ours who have Levi turned around and handed him to me. He was bawling in fear because of the Tae Kwon Do demonstration volume. 

So I took him out of the gym. He calmed down and I brought him back in and slowly he seemed more acclimated to the noise. However when the kids put their arms out and clapped them to their sides in unison he jumped about 5 feet in my arms. 

Scared like a little baby. 

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Lauren in GA said...

Poor little fella. :)