Thursday, December 5, 2013


Ooh!  Can you even stand it?  I'm going to do a WHOLE post on our family vacations!! Doesn't get more fun than that!


We always try to head out on vacation right after school gets out because Spokane seems to think June is actually February and it rains and is freezing.  So everyone gets out and heads to states that know what June is supposed to feel like.

We had to leave Gabe and Ryan home so they could go to scout camp.  In the raining and freezing weather.  In tents.

Anyway,  it had all of the usual:

Visits with family (Romney and Nelson/Seeley)

Outings to the plethora of family friendly stuff that Utah offers

Lots of swimming and water outings

Fun food (including homemade ice cream sandwiches)


Adrianne and I have been friends for 25 years.  Erika and I were roomates for a few years at BYU.  Lindsay is Adrianne's sister and hilarious.  Adrianne and Lindsay took a truly awe-inspiring trip with LOTS of little kids under 6 from Arizona to Canada and were going to stay with could I not honor that little trip by doing one of my own to meet up?  (Here we are with Lindsay and Adrianne and kids):

It was SO FUN.

First of all, the drive there was breathtaking...British Columbia and Alberta cannot be be described without superlatives.  Best, prettiest, grandest.

Then our hostess had the mostest.  Beautiful house, perfectly matched up kids, willingness to feed 13 people.

Day one was a trip to Heritage Park--  a kind of historical amusement park.  Super educational, fun, lovely.

Day two was a day at the neighborhood lake.  Kayaks, islands, sand, food, talkingtalkingtalkingtalking.

Day three was a trip to downtown Calgary.  Sightseeing, famous buildings (Calgary tower...plexiglass floor--yikes and Olympic Village), native food (Poutine).

Every night, we ditched the kids (yay for 4 babysitting age kids!) and headed out to adult dinners.

And then we drove home through Banff.  You guys!  BANFF!  Probably the prettiest place I've ever seen (with the most mosquitos), where I overcome MAJOR height issues to ride the Sulphur Mountain Gondola and hiked to the top of the freaking world.

Seriously, perfect trip.

Texas/New Mexico

So, my extended family has never done the reunion thing.  This year we began to float the idea of meeting at the Albequerque Balloon's amazing and kind of halfway between all the parents and siblings.  When it became apparent it was going to actually happen, Ryan and I started planning.

It saves us about $2000 to drive rather than fly and so we choose to do's our only option if we want to have relationships with the 8 parents/siblings that live in Texas.  We crazily decided that if we were only (?) 8 hours away from the 4 Texas Romney families, we ought to leave a few days early and go see them, too.  We left on General Conference weekend in October (random reunion time that corresponds with Balloon Fiesta and people who can't get away in the summer) and drove to Billings (5 hours) Friday night

then to Fort Collins to spend a night with my cousin's family (13 hours)

then to Dallas to visit the Texas family for a day and a half  (11 hours)

It was crazy long but we listened to conference and did homework and fought and ate a lot of fast food.  Plus we LOVE those Romneys.  We swam (in October!), went to parks and caught up with new babies and fun grandparents.  When I asked my kids if the extra 15 hour detour was worth it, they cheered the loudest Yes!

We headed to Santa Fe the next day (9 hours...miscalculated the drive time) with Aunt Bekah stuffed in the overpacked car.

I was in charge of the rental house and, if I do say so myself, I did an awesome job.  Best Sante Fe vacation house ever.

The Balloon Fiesta completely lived up to expectations.

We LOVED watching all the cousins together.

We toured downtown Santa Fe (very cool old town)

Took family pictures

and hit the temple with all the siblings and my dad (Grandma Dorrie had the hard job of babysitting the million little grandkids)

It was kind of a bummer because the government shut-down happened while we were there so there a bunch of national parks we couldn't go to.

We did a family talent show that was so entertaining and sweet and a neat FHE.  Basically it was a dream family reunion.  Can't wait for the NORTHWEST family reunion in 2015 (hint, hint)

(Side note...we drove home STRAIGHT from Santa Fe.  It took 20 hours and we got home at 1 am, with a detour at the Wilson Arch in Southern Utah and In N Out with our favorite Cade and Stacy in Northern Utah).

Travelogue Done.


Elizabeth said...

Thank you so much for all these great pics. One day I hope to do a huge drive thru tour of all these great places!
Im so glad you had some great family holidays :-)

Amy F. said...

Wow! You guys had a fun summer!! I want to go to Calgary and Banff now. We already love Vancouver/Victoria!

Nurse Graham said...

What great vacations! I have always wanted to do serious road trips (I grew up doing those), but my family always overrules me.

Lauren in GA said...

That Wilson Arch picture is INCREDIBLE.

Gabe and Ryan deserve a medal for camping in freezing weather...

Um...Jane. The bangs are darling and she looks so grown up. The picture with Ryan in front of the hot air balloons - she looks seriously so.grown. up.

Grandma Dorrie ROCKS...and is so beautiful. :)

katie said...

I love how much you guys travel. I wish my husband enjoyed traveling with the kids that much. :)