Thursday, May 2, 2013

March instagrams

(Totally needed to get that Depression post off the top.  I’m feeling good.  Further updates coming soon.  Thanks for your sweet comments.)

Location:  Somewhere on I-90


Driving 5 hours to watch our nephew play in the state basketball tournament.  #gobears


Location:  Hard Rock Cafe Seattle




Location: Tacoma Dome


At the state basketball tournament.  Some of us like the nosebleed seats a little better. #bearsarewinning! #goaustin


Location: Downtown Seattle


One those days that don’t plan and turns out awesome.  #faiththinksthefisharestinky #seattlerocks


Location:  Mobius Science Center


One of the highlights of our private Mobius Science Center Day  #Faithsnotsure #thankyoubernardandmarsha



Getting to move my body in any way—is a blessing #mostlywalkedbutsomecontrabandrunningtoo


Location:  Centennial Trail with a slight trailerpark detour


First sunny 50 degree day in 5 months means a bike riding date with my boyfriend


Location:  Chez Romney



Apple nachos for a healthy Sunday dessert.  (Apples, heated pb and honey, mini choc chips, sliced almonds and pecans)



Acting out our bedtime story—Little Women….obviously.  #megandjoandbethofcourse


Location: church


As if she’d be anywhere else while I’m setting up for the Relief Society birthday dinner. #kidslovemicrophones #pretendingtobetheprimarypresident


Location: Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center


Here we go… #supernervous #cantbefunnyrightnow


Location:  Recovery Central


Guys, it was the worst news.  I had the hole in my cartilage, which means no more marathons.  I have a sweet husband and fabulous freinds and I’ll mourn a little but I’ll be okay.  Thanks for your prayers and good wishes.


Location: Recovery Central



I was DONE with my bedroom.  DONE.  I got served dinner on the couch after I slid down the stairs.  #mymomisspoilingus


Location: Recovery Central



Prepping for my first post operation shower.  #anyonetiredofpicturesofmylegyet


Location: Recovery Central


One recovering from knee surgery, 2 fighting a nasty stomach flu.  #feelsorryforRyan


Location:  Chez Romney



Look at the kind of meals my mom rolls out when she’s taking care of us! #shestheonewhostartedallofthesetraditionsinthefirstplace


Location: Recovery Central



Getting ready for my Sunday walk.  #patheticbutnecessary #practicingforoldage


Location: Recovery Central



First day by myself…and I even dried my hair and put makeup on  #youshouldseemescootingaroundthisbedarrangingmymachines



Sponge Rollers


Location: Recovery Central


What a pretty view!  #feelingveryloved  #flowersdomakearecoveringpersonfeelbetter


Location: Recovery Central


One of the many meals brought to my house this week.  I literally could not do it without these kind friends.  #crutchesandmealprepdontgotogether


Location:  Albertsons


“Mom, you look kind of like a grandma!”  #joysofkneesurgery


Location: Therapeutic Associates


Physical therapy office:  you have NO idea how happy I am to see you again!  #letsgettowork!


Location: Wild walls


Climbing the walls at Boy Scout activity.  #ryanisthebestscoutmasterever




Egg dying! #hatepumpkincarvingloveeggdying #newspapermakespictureslesspretty


Location: Liberty Lake


Okay so I know this doesn’t compare to many southern locations, but this is honestly the best weather I’ve ever seen for an Easter/Spring Break in Spokane.  #thesekidsneedtobeabletoplayoutsidewhileImrecovering


Location: Stake Center


Young Women’s broadcast with this So Good daughter of mine #bestplacetobeonaSaturdaynight



Easter Sunday Best  #wehaveafamilyonebutImnotmatching



This organic tradition has grown up over the years where we eat Egg Salad Sandwiches outside on the grass.


Lauren in GA said...

I see Gabe got braces :) Now he's gonna be even more dashing.

I need to take more pictures. I love the shot of Faith pretending to be the Primary President. My boys rock the microphone every Sunday when I am setting up for Primary Music. I want to document that.

Love the picture of you and Emma before the Young Women's Conference. Beautiful, the two of you.

Love your running braids...well, your, "#mostlywalkedbutsomecontrabandrunningtoo" braids. Very cute.

And, of course, I died over your sponge rollered Faith. Oy, so cute!

jessica said...

I had a dream two nights ago that you guys moved out here and had to live with us until you found a was AWESOME!!! Love the pics...hate your kids growing up without me :(

jessica said...

I had a dream two nights ago that you guys moved out here and had to live with us until you found a was AWESOME!!! Love the pics...hate your kids growing up without me :(