Friday, March 1, 2013

My favorite things about my/our Dallas Trip


Back in November, Southwest offered a screaming deal to fly to Dallas.  The catch was that you had to fly on a Tuesday or a Wednesday.  Because Ryan couldn’t miss a week’s worth of work, we were going to fly in on Tuesday morning and leave Wednesday night.  And then….I remembered that I DON’T WORK!  I decided to stay from Tuesday till Tuesday and really, January in Texas, is just a lovely place to be.

1.  SO MUCH FAMILY.  Ryan has 4 siblings within 4 hours of Dallas, I have 2 siblings near there as well and Ryan’s parents moved to area last summer.  We don’t see any of them near enough, so we thinks it’s such a bonus when something like this comes us!


2.  NO KIDS!  I love them and love them to hang around their cousins, but…it was so nice just be an aunt for a week.  I got to pay much more attention to each of them and it was a totally different experience.  Plus, it’s so fun to not have to dish anyone up at meal time, or pay for them at activities, or worry about there bedtimes or their suitcases.  It was really lovely.



3.  THE SUN.  Of course, my Texas brothers and sisters in law all thought 55 degrees was cold.  Silly Texans.  I won’t be seeing 55 degrees for another month! I loved loved loved going for walks, sitting by the window and hanging out at parks, just to soak up that vitamin D.


4.  ALL THE TALKING.  There weren’t a ton of activities planned, we weren’t there for any event, so honestly, I think I spent a good 6 hours a day (not joking) just discussing life with some of my favorite people.  I loved making the connections and deepening the relationships that way.


5.  FINALLY GOING TO THE JFK STUFF IN DOWNTOWN DALLAS.  I’m a museum/history junkie and I loved it!


6.  SEEING THE NEW HOUSES.  4/6 siblings have moved in the last year.  Their houses are beautiful and it’s so nice to be able to picture people in their homes when you live far away.


7.  MEETING UP WITH ROCHELLE.  We’ve been blog friends for years, and I knew from previous experience that meeting up wouldn’t be awkward and just fun.  And it was.  We are VERY much alike, which made conversation just flow and leaving was painful!


8.  THE SAN ANTONIO BONTANICAL GARDENS.  Super impressed.  Especially, loved the Garden for the Blind…a virtual flood of sounds, textures and smells. 

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Typing about trips when you’re home a month, is just kind of a bummer.  I want to go back!


Christie said...

I think you need to come back, say, anytime after May 28th of this year. Promise me you'll come? PLEASE??

Rochelleht said...

Perfect trip! We had sooooo much fun! Seriously, it was painful to leave my soul sister!

Lauren in GA said...

Isn't that so cool that Stie will be there next time you go!!

And how AWESOME that you go to meet Rochelle in person!!! I admire her from afar...

I loved it when you said, "Silly Texans." I have to admit...I used to think Georgians were so crazy to think 55 is cold. After 8 years here I have to confess...I've gotten way soft and 55 does feel a tad bit chilly.

Meridith said...

I loved this Jessica! I'm so grateful I got to spend some time with you too! It was wonderful to get some one-on-one time. That was my favorite!! I hope I get to see you again sometime soon.