Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Instagrams from September


Location: Trader Joes


100% vegan, lowfat cart at Trader Joe’s.  Eat to Live diet starts tomorrow.


Location: home


Some of us are less happy than others about our super quiet house. #poorlastchild #settingupherdayunderthetrampolin



Emma and Dad have the same hair.




Learning time has returned.  #pleasedon’tevergotokindergarten


Location: the best town on earth


Ryan was car-less and needed to pick up our Bountiful Basketso he borrowed a friend’s golf cart and got his veggie on.  Faith helped.


Location:  centennial trail


Bike riding date with Seth.  #hehasn’tstoppedtalkingthewholetime


Location:  home


Why we love having a daddy who works 2 miles from home.  #lunchtimewrestlingsession


Location:  don’t look at my weedy garden


Certain little sisters have been DYING to play soccer.  Yay for bigger sisters who indulge.  #whenyoulovebeingamom



These three spent the morning sprucing up our county park for our church’s day of service.


Location:  Saltese Flats


Morning bike ride.  #septemberweatherisawesome



I don’t think you’re supposed to call your football player cute.  #toobadheis


Location:  Sheneman’s beach (thanks!)


Squeezing every last drop out of summer.  #ninetydegreesinseptember?



Maybe she and Bea (Faith’s friend we were watching last night) didn’t actually sleep much during their sleepover?


Liberty Lake Elementary


At the “get the kids excited about the fundraiser” assembly.  The kids are going NUTS with anticipation of limo rides, pizza parties, talking stuffed cookies. #iwishicouldinstagramthesound  #yaycookiedough



Family pictures.  #olderkidsareabonusinthisinstance


Location:  some random industrial park


One more.  Randi’s so good.



On my way to a celebration weekend for my sister’s MBA! #iwishgoingtovegasdidn'talwayssoundsleazy


Location:  Las Vegas


This is my maiden name.  Had to stop and take the picture!  #prettytrashyneighborhood


Love by Cirque du Soleil


In the end the love you take is equal to the love you make –the Beatles



Hiking in Red Rock Canyon


(Instagram is pretty much the only way I have anything documented these days… Sometimes technology is a great thing.)


Ashley C said...

1. I miss Liberty Lake BADLY.
2. You have a gorgeous family.

Lauren in GA said...

I need to go look at the Instagram website. (Thanks for answering my e-amil about Instagram) I get confused about the hash mark thing...I am curious if that is how you title your pictures. The things you say after the hash mark are just as hilarious as your explanation of the picture.

Love that Daddy and Daughter had the same hair. They both look great.

The bountiful basket golf cart run was all kinds of awesome.

You can totally say your football player is I can say my football playing Brian is, too.

Dad said...

These pictures all add up to a life full of blessings

Meridith said...

Thanks for all the fun pictures and I love hearing how you're all doing! Can't wait to see you in a little while too!