Thursday, November 8, 2012

Making snowmen out of snow

So, I have this little thing: if it doesn't start snowing till December, then I'm good. I figure I live in a place with 4 seasons and I get all the good parts of that, so I can't complain about the not-so-good. As long as the snow holds off till December.

It started snowing tonight. And I was feeling really grouchy about the portent of the long, dark winter ahead.

But my sweet, very last 4 year old ever was jumping out of her skin with excitement. And my oldest was helping everyone into their rusty snow gear. And there were hot jars of applesauce cooling on the counter. And someone got the fireplace going. And I have 4 happy kids rolling the season's first snowman out in the dark backyard.

Who would be dumb enough to be grumpy on a night filled with that kind of joy?

Not me.

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Elizabeth said...

Such cute pics :-)
I think I would be crushed to see snow so early too but good on you for seeing the happiness.

Lauren in GA said...

Great job seeing the joy. Truly.

It looks like they formed that nice plump snowman in record breaking time. They must have rolled diligently...because the snow on the ground was still at the sparse stage. Good for them :)