Friday, April 27, 2012

On the advent of spring

I love where I live.  I think I’ve said that many times.  Spokane has so many things going for it (no traffic, good schools, beauty, low cost of living, neat communities), that we all just overlook the weather.  And when I say overlook it I mean we deal with it, but feel very free to complain about it…mostly in March, April and May.

Because in Spokane, spring sucks.  It’s gray and cold and rainy and while every holiday, every news report, every clothing advertisement tells you it’s warmish and pinkish and sunny…in Spokane, it’s not.

Except for a few days here and there.  And when those days happen…it’s like you live in Disneyland or something.  Because everyone is so happy and everyone is outside and the grills are going and the parks are full and the shorts come out and you feel like you just got a free vacation or something plopped in your lap.

It happened here last week.  We had a week of sun and temperatures in the high 70s and low 80s. So the Romneys…


1. Got out their new summer clothes.  My kids are so much cuter in their new, non-ripped, non-stained clothes.

2.  Had 5 meals outside (in the backyard, at the park, at the soccer field).

3.  Ran and biked like crazy in SHORTS!

4.  Walked to church and back.

5.  Hiked Tubbs Hill and ate on the deck of the Coeur d’alene resort.

6.  Pointed out every blossom and tulip and daffodil that came across our path (life again! instead of bare limbs and yellow grass!)

7.  Grew a whole bunch of cute freckles.

8.  Had a hard time getting much done because when it’s that nice, you really just think you need to play.

We are back to the 50s (but still sunny! yay!) and back in our long-sleeves, but that week was the shot in the arm we needed to get us all the way to late June…which is when real summer starts around here. 


Nurse Graham said...

Amen and hallelujah for the nice weather last week. But I'm secretly hoping that the one nice day we get in May will NOT be on the 3rd Saturday in May like it has been for the last 2 years. It can come before or after I don't care but for May 19th I'm looking for some cool, cloudy weather.

Rochelleht said...

Oh man, that would KILL me. You need to come hang out with us. We live for spring. Spring is best in Texas. It is heavenly.

Lima Bean said...

well said. we feel the SAME way down here in Eugene, gotta love the pac-nw. my favorite thing on those rare warm spring days, is that everyone all over town puts on their shortest shorts and tiniest tanktop and you need sunglasses just for all the pasty white skin hanging out. and yet, no one cares!!

Lauren in GA said...

It is amazing to me that we live in the same country...but our daily experiences with weather are so vastly different. I should quit complaining about the heat (you know...just to change things up once in a while) and realize that Seasonal Affective Disorder is a rarity in my part of the world.

I completely agree. New clothes totally up the cuteness factor of my kids. ☺

the wrath of khandrea said...

take this post, substitute "spokane" with "seattle" and then let me repost it on my blog.