Thursday, December 9, 2010

A few of my favorite things #2

(blogging from my phone due to computer virus!)

Things that made it fun to be a mom this week:

--Emma has a good sense of style
--that F went back to sleep in our bed this morning
--E doesn't stay mad long
--G unasked distracting F so I could get stuff done
--that Seth wore this for 4 straight days

--J continuing to blow everyone out of the water on our memorization project
--E asked me"can I start the soup for you?" when I was late coming home from scouts
--E is such a good example
--E and G are such good friends
--J quick to forgive
--when I pray about S all I can ever think of to ask is that I can appreciate and soak him in!
--F is so smart: knows her shapes and letters t and o
--S is so good at playing alone
--F is such a cute talker. So fun to hear all day!
--I was happy G sought me for help in a social situation
--I got a raving text about how great E is after babysitting one of my friend's kids.
--G had such enthusiasm at his concert. Everyone came up and commented after!
--J is loving speech therapy.

Just typing this makes me less grouchy to start our weekly deep cleaning jobs. Maybe I'll refer back a few times when I see Seth drying the floor with his head or notice Gabe's dusting has missed a few (million) spots.

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Cami said...

Don't lists always make you happier?
I seem to remember you saying something like that before.

Tristan said...

Lists can be fun! Cute one about your darling kids!

Lauren in GA said...

That picture of Seth with his apron tucked in totally made my day. Your own ray of sunshine...with a protective apron. I love it.

I am totally curious about your memorization project. I am going to e-mail you.

Shopper Gal said...

Loving that Seth tucked in his home depot apron!! What a dollface!!!

Rochelleht said...

Ah, I need to do this. My kids had me very very grouchy yesterday at church. It's always good to remember the good things.