Friday, July 16, 2010

No…we live on the other side of the state

Disclaimer:  We use all of our travel money and time, generally, to visit grandparents/family in Utah and California.  This year we made a big effort to save some resources to take a trip with just our family.  We really wanted to just spend time with the kids.  This is why, Seattle-area Friends (Yosts, Andrea, Jeanelle), we had to skip on any extraneous visits.  Next time, okay?

Best traveler:

Picture 002

She slept and was adorable the whole 5 hour trip


Best Hotel:


Embassy Suites in Bellevue

We never stay in hotels—always cheaping out with relatives.  The kids loved the pool, the two TVs, the breakfast buffet.


Best Rockstar:


While everyone enjoyed the Experience Music Project in Seattle, Seth was the most hilarious when he was working on his Sarah McClachlan


Worst Tantrumer:

Picture 130

Yeah.  She doesn’t stop when she leaves the city limits.  In case you were wondering.  (Notice the seriously bald head from tantruming hair pulling.)


Jane’s Favorite Tourist attraction:

Picture 013

While the kids loved seeing Seattle from airplane’s heights at the Space Needle, Those With A Phobia (me) stayed safely inside the building (except for this picture), while the kids ran like crazies on the deck.


Biggest Life Lesson:

Picture 014

The scene of the crime. 

After parental suggestions to allow us to carry the little blue money pouch, Jane’s $12.75 was literally taken from the floor while she did this exhibit at the Discovery Museum.  Seriously:  she went to find it moments after a big crowd of kids swarmed the area…and it was gone.  So sad.


Longest Wait to Be a Tightrope Walker:

Picture 064

(walking the tightrope)

Picture 059

(In their safety harnesses)

45 minutes at the Discovery Museum’s Circus exhibit.  It was cool in the end, though.


Coolest Use of the Crazy Mirrors:

Picture 033

I’m awarding this to myself.  Not my most attractive look, however.


Person who spent the entire time in children’s musuem playing Giant Chess:

Picture 030


Favorite Day:

Saturday was super sunny!

Picture 065

We did Pike Place Market,

Picture 073 

walked the Piers,

Picture 114


had lunch at Ivars,

Picture 093

visited the Aquarium,

Picture 116

and took an Argosy cruise.


Everyone else’s favorite Tourist Attraction:

The Aquarium. 

Picture 087

Loved the aquarium diver presentation,

Picture 105

the feeding of the otters

Picture 089

and the touching pools.


The only 4th of July in history where I didn’t take pictures:

(I told you I didn’t take any pictures!  Probably because we didn’t anything remotely 4th of July-ish)


The Biggest Spender:

Picture 070

I know!  He must have must a conscious effort to not say one word about the hundred’s of dollars we were spending eating out, at museums and the market.  It was so stress free because of his concerted high-rolling efforts.  Thanks, honey!


BEST value:

Picture 115

The city pass.  Seriously.  Go to the website (here) to see if they have one in a city near you.  We went to everything and saved tons of money.  Much easier just to spend the money once (to buy the booklet) and then walk into everything (ahead of the ticket line, btw) without paying.


Prettiest Zoo:

Picture 125

Really.  Seattle’s Woodland Zoo is gorgeous and just the right length (~3 hours). 


Funniest reaction to the bird eating off of the birdseed stick:

Picture 133

(Faith wasn’t a fan)


Funnest Meal:

Picture 113

Ivars and the seagulls, of course.


Biggest contributor to Seattle’s Tourist Economy:

Picture 118

Seen here modeling one of her purchases. 

Person who wanted to hog the most pictures:

Picture 139

(Every single statue: “Take a picture of me on this one, Mom!”)


Best trip in a LOOONG time:

Picture 006

Well…you just read about it!


Tristan said...

Looks like a really fun trip! Seattle is up there on my list of places to visit. Never heard of that city pass thing. That is cool!

Ilene said...

Is it odd that I really am most envious of Faith sleeping in your van? Laura sleeps an average of 20minutes for every four hours we are in the car. It is horrible.

Looks like so much fun.

Christie said...

I love Seattle. Did you know we lived there for about a year and a half? It is the best kept secret. Would move back in a second.

Carie said...

Fantastic. We too spend all of our family vacations visiting family. We really should plan something like this.

Lindsey said...

Awesome. That looks like TONS of fun! I love Seattle. I just wouldn't want to live there! :) K had a temper tantrum today on the Tram in SLC. Like the SNOWBIRD TRAM. Writhing and stuff on the floor for the duration. It was awesome. I thought of you. And took pictures. I will post them soon.

the wrath of khandrea said...

please tell me the bald patches from tantruming were an embellishment to your post. i want to cry just thinking about how badly that would hurt!

i forgive you for not bringing your family of seven into my home.

and seriously, i'm impressed at ry's ability to spend on this trip. from a fellow overly-tight-fisted cheapskate, i know that this was no small feat on his part.

Kirbell said...

Emma looks like you and Gabe looks like a teenager! I can't believe how fast kids grow up. Glad you went on a vacation all to yourselves!

Rochelleht said...

I love husbands who like spending money. They never look hotter.

GWACK said...

We went to Seattle 2 years ago (without kids) and it was so wonderful! We went to see my brother in law dance at the Paramount theater but were able to see the sites during the day. We stayed at the B&B, the Chambered Nautilus. So nice. Looks like you guys had an awesome trip!

nurse graham said...

Sounds so fun. I would have been inside with you on the top of the Space Needle--not a fan of heights at all.

Lauren in GA said...

My kids love to stay in hotels, too. The pool and the breakfast almost makes their heads explode with excitement.

I feel so close to you. I am afraid of heights, too. Mike took my kids to see the Empire State Building in NYC while I was visiting my Nana in her hospice hospital room in The Bronx and I was so amazed that the kids were so calm in all of the pictures standing right by the railing. I could barely even look at the pictures he took facing down to the busy streets below.

Seth and Emma look really, really grown up.

That is so sad about Jane's $12.75. I am sure it was pretty devestating.

The crazy mirrors really displays your incredible cheekbones nicely.

mandy* said...

I'm glad you had such an excellent time! We love Seattle and love it even more when people visit so we can do touristy stuff. Sorry we missed you. I promise the next time you come that I will not be having a baby.

Elizabeth said...

It is really nice to do fun tourist things with your immediate family. Good on you guys for making some fabulous memories for your kids. Greta pics too !

the yosts said...

Next time PLEASE come see us!!! Even if it is just to stop in for a drink:) I will have rolls, feed you lunch and a minute maid light just for you:)It will save Ryan some money cuz you won't have to eat out!

Lauren in GA said...

Oh, and I forgot to say how I love that picture of everyone at the zoo pointing in amazement at something and Faith is all, ♪ Boppity dooo ♫ ...looking in a completely different direction.

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elizabeth scott said...

What a fun summer vacation with your little family! Good for you for spending some family time alone! (:Good old family bonding!

Tessa said...

What a brilliant trip. Those pictures look amazing. Good for you guys being able to have a trip with just your wonderful family :) Thanks for sharing!!

calibosmom said...

I haven't been to your blog in some time and wouldn't you know, its the Seattle post. My husband and I lived there for the first two years of our marriage. Love Seattle! We too spend most of our vacations going to family reunions which I love but I love our little family getaways even more. Glad you had fun!

Matthews Family said...

Loved all the pictures and wish I could take a fun trip like that one. love ya guys!

Jenibelle said...

I love Seattle, absolutely love it. Ivars and Pike Place is the best, the zoo is awesome....
I love your vacation. Thanks for the vicarious visit!!

Tammy said...

The yellow top looks great on you!!!! So glad to see my clothes in the mix. Love ya

Jeanelle said...

I'm finally over the fact that you had no time to meet me this trip enough to comment (okay, I'm kidding - just back from camp.) I would have thought the cost of going up to the top of the space needle would have been harder to take than the actual heights! I know exactly the hotel you stayed in too - my old office is like a block away. So glad it was a wonderful trip.