Monday, March 2, 2009

The “this is why I don’t wait 3 weeks to do a summary” Summary

Faith, let’s be honest, has been extra hard the last few weeks.  Lots of crying (especially for nice people who are trying to give me a break by taking her) and NEVER wanting to be put down.  In her spare time she’s been…

rolling over (no picture, sorry),

setting the fashion trends for the under 1 set (thanks to Lauren for the super darling Ugg knockoffs):

Picture 113

learning to attack her frog with her hands:

Picture 041

having her first taste of sherbet:

Picture 004

and not nursing:

Picture 052

(this is what looks up at me 75% of the time I’m trying to feed Faith.  I took this during a “nursing” session last week.)

Despite hosting preschool at our house this week:

Picture 044 (puddle jumping during our Rain Day)

 Seth has been completely confounding us with his ridiculous speech.  We have serious worries about his ability to understand English. 

By way of example:

Emma, frustrated with his taking of her stuff, tries to explain: “Seth please don’t take my stuff without asking.  You ruin it!”

Seth:  “Emma.  I was in Mommy’s tummy last day.  Did you know that?”

He is the king of taking 3 different sentence fragments and combining them like they actually make sense:  “I was going 3 blocks with Daddy in his bed I am eating french toast.”

Maybe his brain cells are freezing when he’s doing this:

Picture 079

(yeah, it’s 7 am, frost covering the net,   and there is snow on the ground, but Seth’s happily jumping on the trampoline)


Jane, despite her overflowing cuteness, only got one (?!) picture taken of her these last few weeks.

This is Jane, watching from the stairs during preschool.  She’s got a long, fatiguing, lingering flu and so she was quarantined upstairs while non-family members were present.  I caught her sneaking a peek.  It’s a bummer when she’s sick because she’s my big preschool helper (awesome at singing the clean-up song, passing out water:  “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit, and assumes the yard duty, or, as she corrected me: “It supe-oh-vise-oh, Mom!” role during free play time.)

Picture 039

Gabe, as usual, was Super-Scouter.

 Picture 003

He got his Wolf badge, in half of a year, and while fighting the flu last week, completed enough electives to earn him 2 arrow points.  He and his dad, completed this beauty Picture 123

for annual the Blue and Gold Cub Cake competition.  It earned him the Most Stately award.

Continuing in his father’s goal-achieving footsteps, when he heard in Primary that he could check off a Faith in God/Religious knot achievement, he and Emma put together this Family Home Evening re-enacting the Creation.  Days 4 and 2 seen here:


Picture 118Picture 117

Emma was the birthday queen this month.  The day of her birthday:

Picture 018

we had coffee cake for breakfast,

Picture 017

the Daines over for donut cake and presents.

Picture 035

For her “friend birthday party” we had an ALMOST sleepover, that included

a Self-and-Mallory decorated birthday cake:

Picture 082

a pizza dinner:

Picture 085

dance dance revolution:

Picture 107

decorated pillow cases:

Picture 093

and breakfast at 10:30 pm, right before everyone went home (ebleskivers, of course):Picture 109

Ryan and I were slightly surprised at the yelling, wrestling, and spazziness of a bunch of 10 year old girls:

Picture 101

but everyone seemed to have fun.

I successfully completed the 14 Days of Valentines (the relief I feel when that’s over…!)by taking the kids to lunch one at a time.  I forgot to take a picture with Jane and Seth at the restaurant, so we did a hold out at home (why do they look so crazy?):

Picture 019

Emma got Pizza Hut

Picture 020

and Gabe wanted Quiznos

Picture 022


I also came up with the best costume idea EVER, for the Albrecht’s First Friday party.  The theme was Rockers and we were…

Picture 042

ZZ Top.  (We made the beards out of yarn and no one could tell who we were).  Go here to see a group picture a la We Are the World, if you want.

I also completely stressed out the whole month over being in charge of the above-mentioned Blue and Gold banquet.  (When you’ve attended a total of 6 Cub Pack meetings in your life, you are a little overwhelmed at having to put on the most important one of the year.)  It went, of course, completely fine.  Here’s a re-enactment of me giving out an award to a deserving Cub Scout:Picture 124

I ask you:  Is there anything sexier than a Cub Scout shirt??

Ryan has lost a crazy amount of weight and finally shaved the beard.  He looks about 27, again.  Which is probably why he didn’t mind using the Sharpen feature on all of our photos, while I was disturbed by all the forehead wrinkles that kept popping out of my forehead.  (I have continued to lose weight as well, with the Biggest Loser contest, but, man, it’s slow…16 lbs in two months.  I know, I know, it’s the healthy way to do it, but tell that to all the sad and lonely size 8 jeans in my closet.)

He had a good birthday, he says, despite his wife’s laziness.  We did some shopping for things he’d been wanting and then took all the kids to Melt-the-Pot (as Jane calls it) for a birthday dinner.  We dressed them all up, left (a screaming) Faith at home and gave long manners lectures as we drove.  They were well behaved and we had a fun night.Picture 146

I realized that Ryan didn’t get a birthday cake, so I whipped up some lemon meringue pie, at about 9 pm that night.  Here’s me, giving him his only birthday serenade:

For Valentines Day, (here’re most of the kids in their V-day attire) Picture 057

we took the kids to the local museum.  It was Victorian day and they had fun playing parlor games, making fans and Seth got to dance with the Victorian dancers.  He kept asking Ryan “are those weal princesses, Dad?”

Picture 061

That night Ryan and I headed out to dinner.

Picture 071

Kevin, aka The Best Uncle Ever, invited all local cousins over for the evening and we arrived to find this sign:

Picture 070

The kids each received tickets

Picture 068

and cashed them in for chicken nuggets, movies, games and candy.  Picture 069

How awesome is he?


And now we’re caught up.  I realize I lost the funny after Seth.  Thanks for sticking around anyway!                      


Jeanelle said...

I love your summaries and you didn't lose the funny. I think you're such a fun mom. Love the "tablecloth" that I guess you do for the birthdays and Valentine's week. Your kids are going to love doing the same things with their families when they're grown up.

Lindsey said...

Super sexy Happy Birthday Mr. President song! *(how did you know, all men like to be called Mr. President!)

Celia Fae said...

Man, I wish I could have seen you singing that song.

The reason you lost the funny is because you did so much it makes me want to lie down and take a nap.

How'd you get your pictures with the border?

Ilene said...

The real question isn't whether cub scout shirts are sexy or not but rather is there anything sexier than YOU in a Cub Scout shirt?

I am still exhausted from writing my own February summary and according to Dan all I write about is chores and kid care lately and I say welcome to my life Buddy. I lost funny somewhere at the end of January.

Annemarie said...

I just checked Blue & Gold Banquet off of my list...AHHH!!

As for the sexy scout shirt?? I can think of many other things I could have spent $40 on. You look hot in yours, though.

J'net said...

OK, my world is turning again... You posted! Even IF we miss a few weeks we still love this activity!! Hence my extended Fam Reunion saga! You are an amazing human w/ a very fun life, enjoy the year of the NEW baby 5th child experience! It seems to be passing VERY quickly, you look skinny again!! Aloha, A. J'net

Bridget said...

No. Nothing is sexier than a cub scout shirt. The fabric, the color, the fit, all screams haute couture.

My boys would totally be out at the crack of dawn, in the freezing weather, jumping away on a trampoline too.

Brooke said...

Thanks for the update. I've been missing you guys n blogger town. Spencer and I really enjoyd the birthday song. Holy Cow, Faith is seriously adorable and looks like a Romney/Sherrill. I'm jealous you and Randi get to be running partners. I want to come, after the baby's about 2 months of course.

Rochelleht said...

Are you the best mom in the whole wide world?? Yes, I seriously do believe you are.

Lauren in GA said...

Faith is so adorable! Thanks for the picture of the boots! She really is so, so, beautiful. I want a girl so much when I look at pictures of her!

I love your summaries and you did not loose the funny.

Bravo on the Blue and Gold banquet, and I loved the cake Gabe and Ryan made. And what a clever award of, "Most Stately". I love it!

I laughed at your calling it the, "We are the World" picture. Very took me way back...I had that record...yeah, record...not even a casette.

If anyone could make a Cub Scout shirt look sexy it is you, my dear. You look so beautiful in all of the pictures of you and the kids and Ryan.

You are right you are accomplishing your weight loss the healthy way...I know what a drag it can be to have to wait so long, though. (I say as I am gaining weight as I type)

LOVE your sexy Marilyn Monroe birthday song! Ryan attacked you shortly thereafter, didn't he?

Shirley said...

WOW Jessica. ALL of that in just a few weeks. I know I don't comment much (if at all) but I love knowing what your beautiful family if up to. I have referred to your blog many times in talking to friends here in VA. You are AMAZING!!! Thank you.

Lisa-Marie said...

I wanna know what was going on BEHIND the camera while singing!!! Or maybe not!

Your summaries are the best and I think you've inspired me to start my own biggest loser AGAIN. Ugh.

Momza said...

Well done! At least you remembered to take pictures so you could recount the whole 3 weeks! I forget what happens over a weekend!
Very fun family you have there!

Christie said...

Yes, I'm exhausted for you, my friend. That was a busy week you all had.

elizabeth scott said...

Love to read your blog! I can't believe how stinking cute Faith is!!!!! Happy Birthday Ryan!!!!!Ooppps! I will have to give you a blated bday gift when you come to visit.

queenieweenie said...'ve been a busy girl!

love the baby uggs-i wish i looked that cute in mine!

Tammy said...

Wow, what a fun update. You are such an awesome mom. What a fun birthday for Emma. Happy belated Ryan also. I miss you.....come visit me in Newport Beach already!!! I will make room. :)

rachel said...

great summary.
busy month.

G and G Nut said...

That's a lot of living you covered! So fun to see you all and hear what's been happening. Ryan, I vote for the clean-shaven look! Your self-discipline and commitment is amazing!

Adrianne said...

Thank you for the details, I feel that I've been missing out on your life. However, I read so much I can't remember any particular comments, except when did Emma get braces? That must be a Romney gene... I can't wait to see you!

buddens said...

I'm getting something called the Ergo Baby Carrier for my clingy baby boy. I'm hoping it will satisfy his need to be held and always be a part of things, and satisfy my need to be sure I'm not permanently damaging his precious little soul by going to the bathroom by myself.

I've heard it's a great carrier, it's a little pricey, and I know you're on likely your last kid, but I've heard it's a lifesaver from lots of friends! It can be worn in the front, side or back, can be used until your kid weighs like 40 lbs. and puts all the weight on your hips, not back. I can't wait for mine to arrive! Good luck with everything you have going!