Monday, November 24, 2008


Ooh! As fun as discussing the rights and wrongs of homosexuality has been, it's time for another weekly summary!

On Monday, we continued another Sherrill tradition: the Thankful Turkey. Some samples of what we're thankful for this week:
  • Good employment (Ryan)
  • Pacifiers (Jessica)
  • Happiness! Haa! Haa! (Emma)
  • Our Bodys (Gade, sic)
  • Sisters (J.R.)
  • "doing snakes" ? (Seth)

On Tuesday, we yelled at all of our kids and told them to get in the car. NOW! And proceeded to our first Love and Logic Parenting class. With 5 kids, we figured it was high time to learn how to parent them. It was so funny, because as we brought them in, all the parents (TOTALLY including us) are talking sooo nicely to their kids. Like to prove to everyone: "I'm a good parent. I'm just taking this class to get a teeny bit better. See how appropriately I handle my child?"

On Wednesday, we started my favorite time of the year! Halfdays for the (above pictured)elementary school kids! When they come home all extra early, right at the beginning at naptime, during drizzly freezing weather that makes playing outside impossible, before the kindergarteners come home so I have to drive over and pick Jane up later (instead of the big kids walking her home), while I'm still getting used to a newborn. It's awesome. Can you tell how very much I love half-days and the geniuses who think this is the best way to handle parent-teacher conferences. Oh! AND it lasts for a week and half! How great is that??

On Thursday, my awesome friend Kerry, who had no good light and extra kids she was watching, took pictures of Faith for our Christmas card/Birth Announcement. They turned out great and, in great opposition to past years when I've hand made the cards, I got them done, and ordered in 1 hour on Saturday. It was the best feeling ever!

Also on Thursday, Seth wrecked the wallpaper that is, apparently, too close to the Not Listening Chair. Following is the conversation Ryan had with Seth regarding his egregious mistake.

Dad: "What happened last time you pulled down the wall paper?"
Seth: "Mom put me in my room."
Dad: "No, last time you did this you got spanked" (ed. note: we do not believe in spanking. Or so I thought. Apparently when you wreck the wallpaper, Dad spanks you). "Do you think you should get another spank?"
Seth: "Yes."
Dad:" No! You think I should spank you right now cause you did this?"
Seth: "Yes. But not meanly. "(proceeds to demonstrates soft-bum patting. While grinning). "Wook Dad, my animal can cwimb the twee." (Demonstrates ox climbing tree).

Which is why we are taking the previously referenced parenting class. We obviously need the help.

On Friday, we had aforementioned Parent-Teacher Conferences. It was a good experience. We have good kids. So good in fact, that halfway through Friday Jobs, we bagged the rest of the jobs and took them all to ColdStone for ice cream as a reward.

On Saturday, Ryan risked his masculinity(look at him trying to appear blase in the picture I made him take) by going with me to Twilight. Which I totally loved. I am a medium fan. I think they are fun books, but I didn't watch any trailers or count the minutes till the movie came out. Maybe it was these mild expectations, but I thought the casting was good (except Rosalie, I'm with you on this Jessica A.) and I liked the acting. AND Faith slept the whole time. All in all, a perfect date.

Should this post be too tame, please go back and re-read how we feel about Gay Marriage. We'll try to post a Pro-Life blog soon, too, just to keep things exciting around here.

Or not.


Laurie said...

Love your tone in this summary. So hate the half days for conferences, but mine only lasted 3 days.

Totally laughing picturing the parenting class. Which I may need to attend after taking all the boys to Walmart tonight.

Jeanelle said...

You really do have the funniest kids. And I can't wait for the Roe v. Wade dissertation. I totally agree about Rosalie too. So wrong.

Jenibelle said...

I took the Parent Project set of classes once, I found out that I don't have what it takes to be a truly tough mom. So much for my $179 dollars. I hope things go better for you.

Ryan's last post was...well, scintillating and informative and way over my pea brain head. But I am pretty sure it was good.

Lauren in GA said...

Half days rob me of all happiness.

That is a cute little turkey! I love the things you all are thankful for.

I need that, Parenting with Love and Logic class. I need some help. Of course, right now I am claiming ignorance as to why I am failing as a mother...if I take the classes will that mean that excuse no longer counts? I think it is great you are taking those classes all joking aside, I need to take them.

You have such great kids! I love that the Parent/Teacher conferences were so fabulous that you had to take a trip to Coldstone. That is lovely!

Kenny and Linsey said...

Half-days are a tool of the devil. I want more posts about soft spankings and doing snakes.

♥Shally said...

I would love to go to a Love and Logic class (not that we need it, of course...).

We read the book together everynight-- but I would love to be able to ask questions. Like-- "We turned the lock on the door, and he figured out how to open it and just comes out of his room defiantly over and over. NOW WHAT!?!"

Lisa-Marie said...

Oh, Love and Logic. I have sucha love hate relationship with that! Mostly, the hate is only when I get lazy and have to take the class for the fifth time! But, it really does work. Good luck.

Love your turkey. Much cuter than the tree we did last night. I did my post and have it "scheduled." You will be very proud of your turkey!

Bekah said...

Seriously Seth is so hilarious it is ridiculous! Love those kids so much! Can't wait to see your Christmas card!

And you saw Twilight! AH! I thought you wanted to see it with all of us at Christmas! Now Mom and I will have to go together asap. And I don't think I could have waited until Christmas anyways. Praying I can still come early! :)

Paige said...

Can't believe Ryan went to the movie. I KNOW you have friends! Jeff said he'd go if I killed him and dragged his bloody corpse there. I told him I'm in.

queenieweenie said...

Half days are the bane of my existence. Our district decided to have them EVERY WEDNESDAY!!! Joy to me.

Faith is adorable, as are all your kiddos.

Are you going to share the parenting tips? I need them pronto as I just yelled at my kids (they're home all week for Thanksgiving).

Christie said...

Your husband truly is so nice. Mine would never touch Twilight, no matter how much sex I promised him. But that's okay. I get what I want either way.

Totally liked the movie, too. Had VERY LOW expectations, and was not disappointed.

Anisa said...

I am not making homemade Christmas cards this year either and I have sooo much more time to do other things.

I'm sorry, Ryan, but I didn't read your super long epistle about prop. 8. Too long for me to read.

Abbie said...

How fun. i just ordered our Christmas card/birth announcements. That idea is genius. Did you do it with Seth? Is that were I stole the idea from?

I thought Twilight was awful. I laughed through the whole movie. I just couldn't get past the unintentional comedy.

wenderful said...

Love your turkey idea. Will file it away for next year.
Like Christie, I was not expecting much from Twilight but it really entertained me. May have even liked it better than the book.
I loved that you dropped everything to take the kids to Cold Stone. I'm a little too anal to stop in the middle of a project, especially cleaning. You are clearly a better mom than I.

jessica said...

Altough I did not comment...I loved Ryan's work on the last two posts. Knowing him like I do, I only see the goofy side, and I totally appreciated how well he expressed his opinion on all this prop 8 stuff. I feel the same way but could never express it so eloquently...

And as far as the summary goes...I HEAR you LOUD and CLEAR about the stupid half days...only one more!

Oh and I have to say how much I love Seth's face in that turkey picture...honestly, I can't believe that little face could ever deserve a two hour time out;)

AMY said...

I love all your fun traditions. You really are great parents.

Getting those first baby pictures are always fun. Of course Faith's turned out beautiful. Kerry does a great job... I've seen samples in her house.

Twilight was good... we missed you... but great Ryan took you.

Bridget said...

I don't believe in spanking either. Except for all those times I just HAVE to do it. THen its OK.

I'm a medium Twilight fan too. But I am a huge Daniel Craig, I mean Quantum of Solace fan.

andrea said...

i had a total flashback to last year's love and logic, with me pretending to be a superb parent in front of everyone else. it was rich.

we're taking it again in january. because it takes a LOT of time to completely work the program correctly.

Tammy said...

You guys are hilarious on all fronts

Jacki said...

So glad to hear you took your daughter to Twilight too. Makes me feel a little better about bringing my 5 month old. Yikes... Probably not the same as a 4 week old, but nonetheless, glad I'm not the only one!

stephi k said...

Uh, I have to admit, I saw Twilight last week w/ my mom and sis, but made my husband go again w/ me last night. I think that's the 1st time I've ever paid for the same movie twice at the theater--and I consider myself a "medium" fan too!

Adrianne said...

CAn I take that parenting class over the internet or do you just want to copy everything down for me? I totally admire you for always striving to be better - even at things you're already good at.

Ilene said...

I read the Love and Logic books like you recommended. Can't say I have actually implemented any of the lessons. I will start to do that when I have five kids like you.

See Australia. Dan actually wants to go see Twilight too. His brother said it was good so now he will go with me.

♥ rachel said...

I love how you described yourself as a MEDIUM Twilight fan... that's me, too. Don't LOVE them, but don't hate them, either.